Minimum volume of purchase order for paper cups

The minimum purchase order for paper cups with a custom print is 500 units / size.
For orders up to 5000 units cups are printed in CMYK technology. For orders of 5000 units and more we use CMYK or PANTONE.

For orders up to 1000 units we use digital print technology. For orders of 1000 units and more we use offset print.

For orders of 5000 units and more (CMYK) customers can order more than one graphic version, e.g. 2500 cups DL-CG_250 with graphic version 1 + 2500 cups DLCG_250 with graphic version 2. The maximum number of graphic versions depends on the cup volume and is presented in the table below.

100/110 ml 200/250 ml 300/350 ml 350/400 ml 450/ 500 ml
16 Grafik 12 Grafik 12 Grafik 8 Grafik 8 Grafik

Price for the preparation of graphic design.

A single charge for graphic design: PLN 200 net/size.

Additional charge for every subsequent graphic version: PLN 60/ size.
Acceptable tolerance during production: +/- 5%

Requirements for graphic design

The client should provide materials for the design of the cup prepared in Corel or Adobe Illustrator (curves design).

Designs prepared by the client on a die-cut of a cup will not be accepted for printing. All designs are prepared by the Vendor based on material provided by and agreed with the client.

File formats

  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw
  • Digital images CMYK (NOT RGB).
  • File formats .cdr, .psd, .tiff, .eps or .ai
  • Resolution 300 dpi, dimensions up to 100%
  • A file should be created in a rectangular shape, prepared with curves in sizes relevant to the template; the gluing rim for the wrapper, logo or printed text should be considered.


  • Colours should correspond with CMYK or Pantone®.
  • The use of RGB colours is not recommended (if delivered designs are in RGB colours, the final print quality may not satisfy the client’s expectations).
  • In files for purchase orders up to 5000 cups Pantone® colours should be converted to CMYK.


  • Conversion to curves – curves cover all font files
  • Target colour – samples
  • Clients can send us a sample printout.
  • Design should be printed on calibrated equipment.


We use surplus cups as product samples or photograph them for our portfolio. If you do not accept this, please notify us in writing when placing your purchase order.


The client is responsible for the lawful use of brand colours, names and symbols printed on the cups. When using registered names, symbols, colours or trademarks, the client shall obtain the permission of relevant copyright holders, indicating their company as the client and UNICUP Sergei Maltcev. Address: 82-300 Elbląg, ul. Warszawska 54-62 as the producer.

Terms of payment

Express orders completed in 72 hours – 100% prepayment.
Standard orders – 60% prepayment, or if there is a signed agreement – according to the terms of payment specified in this agreement.
The remaining due amount is to be paid not later than 5 business days after the client has received an electronic notification (e-mail) about the product being ready.

Terms and conditions for the completion of purchase orders

Express orders for 500 and 1000 cups are completed within 72 hours (on business days) following the receipt of prepayment and acceptance of design. Acceptance of design should be sent before 12:00 on a business day.

Time of delivery: 24 hours (on business days) in Poland.

Orders up to 30000 units are completed within 4 weeks after the receipt of the design accepted by the client and prepayment.

Orders over 30000 units are completed within 5 weeks.

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